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Samedi 25 janvier, 20h30

The line theater

Getting through the day in Endgame is an arduous task, because, after all, where does it lead ? So long as there is distraction and entertainment and rituals to perform we can  push away the anguish caused by  the questionning - until the next time. Hammm reigns tyranical, petulant and gamesy over his diminished kingdom of two elderly  parents, Nagg and Nell confined to dustbins and an aging  servant, Clov  who, still able to walk threatens to leave. The long shadow  of impending doom advances with the plays progress. The light of slapstick and witty banter crackles  to battle the encrroaching  gloom. Although the characters will not escape their fate  their efforts to do so  ring valiant.

Direction Alexander Laube
With Michael Andrews, Mason Dixon, Paul Woodley, Cheryl Spittles 


Dimanche 26 janvier, 15h

What Larks ! 

The first theatrical performances of GASLIGHT were given in London in January 1939. Its immediate success was repeated in New York under the title of ANGEL STREET and became the longest running show in the history of Broadway (I.293 performances). Twice brought to the screen , in 1940 by Alfred Hitchcock and in 1944 in an adaptation by George Cukor with the young Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer and Joseph Cotten. The play which had made such an impression became the origin of the term ‘gaslighting’ that describes a state of psychological abuse in which false information is systematically given in order to mentally unbalance the victim.   

Direction Veronica Grange
With Catriona Maccoll, Alexander Laube, Tracy Seacombe, Jo Goble





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